CT Cover Draft PhotoIn the Catholic Tradition, we look to the Trinity as our ultimate example of community. When we describe our “theology of connection”, we point to God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit as the intimate expression of deep relationship, Three Persons in One Being.

We are a Trinitarian faith; we are a communal people; we are the Body of Christ living and breathing in a relationship in, by, with and through God. When one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers. This is part and parcel of being Catholic. This is our “theology of connection”.

But what happens if someone doesn’t feel or understand this connection? Or what if the connection has been broken? Or what if it was never really solidified in the first place? What then?

Do we automatically assume it’s lost or can’t be repaired?

Our busy-ness often prevents us from focusing wholeheartedly on the ones just out of sight or just beyond our immediate reach. And almost all of our ministry decisions are made with the “connected” ones in mind… the ones we see regularly at Sunday liturgy… the ones who receive sacraments… the ones who give healthy year-end contributions… the ones who always show up with casseroles at the parish picnic.

At the core are some essential questions for us to consider:

  • What makes people feel connected?
  • What fosters their sense of belonging?

Let’s answer those questions by looking more directly at the shifting territory on our ministry maps.

Want to learn more? ConnecTheology [the e-book] coming soon.

Need more info or help?

Elaine is ready for you.  Contact her at:  elaine@laneplane.com.
Read more about her HERE.

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Elaine, we downloaded the ebook and read though it today. We can strongly encourage and recommend others to do the same, and get this book. It is 52 pages of information we all can benefit from. And thank you, Elaine, for making it freely available.

    We look forward to more great work from you!
    Your friends over at My Catholic Blog.

  2. Great book! It cut right to the heart of the matter…reaching our youth through social media relationships. I loved your graphic art, geek-tech retake of the parable of the sower…and the follow-up lesson, your rationale, the how-to’s…all of it. Thank you.

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