Theology of Social Media

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Two Gaping Questions

Learning and living faith just don’t seem to be priorities anymore.  The ministry landscape has shifted under our feet and it’s hard to know what to do next.

Two huge questions consume the forefront of our ministry thinking these days.  The first:

How do we connect with people and get them excited about faith?

It’s a matter of going back to the basics.  We have to reach out to people one by one just like Jesus did and build the relationships.  Relationships are key.

The second question is:

Why should we use social media to do this?

Social media helps us connect.  It’s an effective and easy way for us to reach into people’s lives to hear about what they experience daily.  More importantly, social media is where people of all ages hang out these days.

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Looking @ New Evangelization from a Different Plane
Social Media Strategies for Catholic Ministry

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6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Elaine, we downloaded the ebook and read though it today. We can strongly encourage and recommend others to do the same, and get this book. It is 52 pages of information we all can benefit from. And thank you, Elaine, for making it freely available.

    We look forward to more great work from you!
    Your friends over at My Catholic Blog.

  2. Great book! It cut right to the heart of the matter…reaching our youth through social media relationships. I loved your graphic art, geek-tech retake of the parable of the sower…and the follow-up lesson, your rationale, the how-to’s…all of it. Thank you.

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